Attention Staff Party Planner -

If you want we put together a new years package for your group, this can include special drink and party favour packages.

We are pleased to offer you the Motor Vessels
Queen of Diamonds
All ships are Transport Canada Certified. Each boat is equipped with sound systems.

New Years Eve Cruise 2018:

We have 2 Cruise options available for New Years 2018. All packages include Party favors and glass of champagne at new years. DJ takes requests.

  • #1 Dance cruise with dance Appetizer Dinner Menu on the Abitibi at $70 per person. This New Years Cruise on The Queen of Diamonds features top 40's Music. Appetizers are included through out the evening on this seperate level. T

  • #2 Dinner/Dance cruise Menu on the Queen of Diamonds start at $99 per person. Music is a mix and Dj takes requests. Minors need to be accompanied by their parent guardian for this event.

  • You can also call us at 604-681-2915 to book

    • #1 December 31, 2018 Abitibi Appetizer Dinner Dance Cruise.

      Dance Appetizer Dinner Menu. Fireworks at Midnight!

      • Bunwiches/Croisants with various fillings
      • Pizza Deluxe Pepperoni or Vegetarian
      • Mini Sausage Rolls
      • Chicken Wings & Drummetts
      • Scallops Wrapped in Bacon
      • Market Fresh Veggie and dip
      • Filo Spanikpita
      • Mini Quiche
      • Chips and Salsa
      • Chocolate Fountain with Various Items for Dipping
        Click here for New years theme appetizer dance cruise!

        #2 December 31, 2018, Stylish New Years Dinner and Dance Cruise! Fireworks! at 9:00 PM

        THE Admiral’S Fleet Menu

        • Baron Of Beef Au Jus
          Grade ‘A’ Canadian beef seasoned with our secret mix of herbs & spices, slowly roasted to perfection, then carved by the Chef. Dijon mustard & horseradish wonderfully compliment this dish.
        • B.B.Q. Filet Of Salmon
          Marinated for 24 hours, broiled to perfection with our own barbecue spice mix. To compliment this dish, a capers & white wine sauce is served.
        • Roast Potatoes - Peeled, lightly rubbed in spice & oil, oven roasted.
        • Fresh Market Vegetables - With butter & herbs.
        • Caesar Salad - With homemade seasoned croutons & freshly grated Parmesan cheese.
        • Corn & Bean Salad - Tender beans & kernel corn in our own secret marinade.
        • Thai Noodle Salad - Our own original version of East meets West.
        • Basket Of Buns - Fresh baked French crusty & multigrain dinner rolls.
        • Dessert Buffet
        • A selection of desserts, including cheese cakes and chocolate fountain.
        • Fresh Brewed Tea & Coffee

        #2 December 31, 2018, Stylish New Years Dinner and Dance Cruise! Fireworks! at 9:00 PM

        Click here for New years theme dinner and dance cruise!